Challenges Of Being A Working Mom

Being a working mom can be extremely challenging because it takes a lot of planning to support and manage a household. As a mom, your schedule undergoes a lot of changes and you have to give up certain liberties like staying out after a long day with colleagues for drinks and appetizers or those mornings where you permitted yourself to relax with a cup of coffee while watching the early morning show before heading to work. Every working mom can relate to the chaos, feeling of being overwhelmed and guilt that being a mother and holding down a job brings.

From crazy mornings where you walk into the office feeling frustrated because you just realized that your shirt had some color on it which had no business being there in the first place like peanut butter from a sandwich which you lovingly made or milk or handprints to days when you roll in late because something went awry from your carefully planned schedule and the whole routine just fell apart. In dealing with situations like this, always carry some stain remover to go as well as a trendy scarf and always give yourself at least 45 minutes extra daily to handle any tantrums that your kid might pull to disrupt your planned out morning.

The hardest part about being a working mom is the constant priority struggle- having to choose between work and home. It doesn’t just end there because we have to live the effect of these choices daily. There’s also the worrying- worrying that you’re not giving your best at work or having to run out in the middle of a meeting to pick up a sick kid from school, worrying how taking off so much time from work to attend games, school plays or doctor’s appointment might make us look before our colleagues and even worse how missing these events might make us look as moms and their emotional effect on our kids. We end up in a constant state of guilt whenever we have to choose between priorities. Understanding that it’s not about quantity but quality is key to dealing with this guilt. It’s about making whatever time you have count.

Lastly, as a working mom you always find yourself putting your self-care last because being a mum is all about sacrifice after all. This is very unsustainable and will turn out bad for us. Always schedule some time out for yourself. It may be the most important thing you do all week.

Always remember, quality defeats quantity.

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