Dealing With Post-Partum Rage

Most women expect to feel sadness, despair and even depression after childbirth, but nothing ever prepares them for the rage that they feel. Anger, irritability and frustration directed towards their spouse, children, baby or even themselves. Women are dealing with hormonal and emotional changes, sleep deprivation, the reality that motherhood isn’t at all what they had expected it to be and of course their spouses for carrying on with their lives and jobs. Some women even have to resume working while caring for their child with little or no help from their partners or time off from work. They get crushed beneath the pressure of all this and end up thinking that having a child was a mistake because they simply cannot handle the emotional stress. Anger can be in form of yelling, fighting, hostility withdrawal or the feeling of being trapped. Many women enter into motherhood virtually alone and are expected to get it right. Some end up feeling self-resentment and guilt because of their reactions towards their family especially the infant.

Anger is one of the scariest symptoms of PPR because even mothers who would never ordinarily feel the urge to hurt their child begin to fear that they may be slipping out of control.

It is important to acknowledge and understand that anger is a legitimate and normal part of new motherhood and to work towards healing the anger. Many women are afraid to speak up about their challenges with PPR but it is just as important to understand that postpartum rage is real and that it is okay to ask for help. Therapy is very helpful in dealing with postpartum rage. In the heat of the anger, sometimes the best way of dealing with the anger is by removing yourself from the source of your infuriation. Relaxation and meditative yoga are also very good anger busters. Finally, take note of the things that trigger your anger and avoid them.

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