Fashion Must-Haves For New Moms

When you’re pregnant, and your baby bump is obvious, must you be relegated to wearing unfashionable clothes? Hardly! As a slew of new celebrity moms have shown, you can wear just about anything while you’re expecting and still look cute, beautiful, or even sexy. The key to making your new mom style more fashionable is all in the accessories. Not only do the right accessories make an outfit, but these items are also things you can still wear after the baby is born, so they are well worth the investment. Take a look at these accessories to augment your maternity wardrobe.

Scarves, Pashminas, Headbands

No matter how or where you wear it or tie it, a long, flowing piece of fabric in a beautiful pattern is a great accessory. Tie it around your forehead, hippy style, for a modern Bohemian look (great with a long, flowing skirt and pair of sandals) or drape it around your neck as a much more exciting necklace. A larger scarf, or pashmina, easily doubles as a shawl when the temperatures drop. Pin a big fabric flower to your scarf for extra detail.

Shoes and Boots

Footwear is a great buy while you’re pregnant because you’ll definitely be able to wear it after the baby is born. Even if your feet tend to swell, try wearing compression stockings to eliminate the problem.

Although there have been quite a few celebrities who have rocked their high heels while pregnant, it’s simply not a good idea to go teetering about on raised platforms that could cause you to lose your balance. Instead, opt for low heels and sandals that offer sufficient support. Your tootsies need extra care right now – but they can still look quite cute while supported in a gladiator style sandal or jazzy metallic leather boot.


Who doesn’t like new jewelry? Whether you opt for glitzy glam via costume pieces or splurge on the real thing, a new pair of earrings, bracelet, or necklace is just the thing to take your maternity wardrobe out of the doldrums. Yellow gold really complements the rosy glow of pregnancy. Adding a large, colourful pin to a scarf or the collar of your blouse or jacket is a beautiful way to jazz up an outfit.

The Right Undergarments

Finally, no amount of accessories can help you look as beautiful as wearing the right undergarments. You need extra support for your back while carrying your baby and a good bodysuit can also help bring your shoulders back into the proper posture, so you look longer and leaner while feeling great. Don’t skimp on undergarments or try to get by with regular bra and panties during pregnancy. A good, supportive bodysuit/girdle is worth its weight in gold – and it helps all of your maternity clothes fit better.

A new mom to don’t have to settle for looking dumpy or frumpy. Jazz up your maternity clothes and make a real fashion statement with a slew of new accessories. And don’t forget to start with supportive undergarments that make everything look better.

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