Post-Partum Workouts For Staying Healthy and Happy

Weight gain is a natural part of pregnancy but losing the baby fat can be tough- thankfully not as tough as it’s portrayed. The biggest problem women who want to lose the post-baby fat deal with is knowing when to start. Some even wait for as long as six weeks before starting. Before beginning postpartum work out, you should check with your Doctor first because every pregnancy and delivery differs and there is no hard and fast rule. Below are a few exercises which will keep you in shape and warm you up for regular exercising.


While walking may not seem like doing a lot, it is actually very good stimulating your body before easing into a new routine. Begin with an easy stroll then ease into a power-walk. You can increase the weight by bringing the baby along in a stroller. Add some fun to it by walking backwards or walking in zigzags. Ensure to exclude the baby from this until you’re certain of your balance and you have mastered it.


This is particularly helpful for strengthening and toning the abs and stomach. In an upwards sitting position, inhale deeply from your diaphragm while contracting and tightening your abs then exhale and relax in the same breath. Slowly build up the amount of time you can contract and hold your abs.


These movements help tone the back muscles, strengthen the abs and burn calories. Begin with a head lift by lying flat on the floor with both hands flat on the floor beside you. With knees bended and feet flat on the floor, exhale as you lift your head and neck off the floor and inhale as you lower your head back down. When you can do 10 of these comfortably, while in. the same position exhale as you raise your head, neck and shoulder of the ground while stretching your arms towards the knee. When you can do 10 shoulder lifts easily, still in the position lift your torso until it is about halfway up between your knees and the floor behind you. Stretch your arms towards your knees and hold up to 3-5 seconds then slowly lower yourself down.


This exercise helps to tone bladder muscles and helps reduce risks of incontinence associated with childbirth. The more kegels you do, the more control you’ll have over your bladder muscles.

They are done by contracting the muscles that control the flow of urine. To find these muscles, pause urinating mid-stream, then release and let the urine flow. Remember what that feels like and try when you’re not urinating. Contract for a few seconds and release the muscles. Do 10 times for a few seconds three times daily.


This exercise is good because it strengthens the abs, tones the tummy and helps in relieving back ache. It’s done by standing on all fours, toes touching the floor behind you, arms straight down from your shoulder line, palms touching the floor. Instead of a curved or arched position,  your back should be in a relaxed and straight position. Pull your buttocks forward as you inhale, tilting your pelvis and rotating your pubic bone upward. Hold for a count of three and release.

If any heavy bleeding, headaches or excessive soreness or any other unusual symptoms after or while working out, stop and seek medical advice.

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